CBCHC COVID-19 News & Updates


    Dear CBCHC Family,


    The Chinese Bible Church of Howard County (CBCHC) is a State of Maryland registered non-profit religious organization serving cross-cultural worshipers living in both Baltimore County and Howard County areas in the past 23 years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sunday worship services have been suspended in order to abide by the government instructions including social distancing and stay-at-home orders. In order to maintain church worship and online communication capabilities for at-home members, CBCHC has established a live-stream (on-line) Sunday worship service.


    In order to execute these online operations, a limited number of personnel and staff are needed to travel to church on as needed and limited basis on Sunday or weekday to set up and execute certain operations. Therefore, CBCHC has designated the following list of ESSENTIAL/CRITICAL personnel:


    -Siu Keung Au (Pastor, Preaching)
    -Jun Ma (Elder, Preaching)
    -David Wong (Elder, IST)
    -Matthew Harvey (Preaching)
    -Emily Harvey (Pianist)
    -Samuel Ang (IST)
    -Joshua Bai (Deacon, IST)
    -Allen Lee (Facility)
    -Raymond Mak (Facility)


    It is not the intention of CBCHC that all these essential personnel are to be at the church site at the same time. It is also CBCHC’s instruction that all these essential personnel will follow governmental health instructions and guidelines in practicing social distancing, hand gloves, and frequent hand washing. Thank you very much for your understanding and attention!
    May God bless you!


    In Christ,


    Jun Ma, Chairman, Board of Elder
    Chinese Bible Church of Howard County