Partial Reopening Worship Service


    Dear CBCHC Family,


    The church is planning to resume in-person Sunday worship soon. For your safety and well-being, we will start with one weekly onsite combined worship at 11:00 AM on Sunday with a limit of 60 attendees (including worship coworkers). During this initial phase of the reopening, there will be no childcare, Sunday schools, or lunch service. To attend in-person service, please register [ Here ].


    We will continue our online service through our live-streaming platform at 11:00 AM on Sunday. Additionally, we advise members or congregants to worship online if


          • You have had a fever or any other illnesses such as chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, new loss of taste or smell or other symptoms typical of Covid-19 in the past 2 days.


          • You are 65 or older, or have underlying health conditions including, but not limited to, chronic lung diseases, high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes or immune-compromising conditions.


          • You have toddlers or young children. (Attendee must be ≥ 12 years old.)


    In Christ,


    Pastor Au and the Church Leadership
    Chinese Bible Church of Howard County

    Please register here